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Cybersecurity: What is XSS?

With the ransomware attack on the NHS dominating the news headlines this week, here’s – at last – some good news related to cyber security. Back in February I launched a Bug Bounty competition to encourage school students to responsibly disclose any bugs, vulnerabilities or problems with the site rather than maliciously exploit them. I’m

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Bug bounty: 2 major bug fixes thanks to reports by students in one week

Did you know bugs in computer code are named after one a tiny moth that exploded when it landed on a computer? The heat from the valve killed the moth, which blew the glass casing around the valve and broke the whole computer system. Fixing the problem with the computer code literally meant going looking for

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Create.withcode.uk update: new features

Create.withcode.uk is designed to allow teachers and students to write, run, debug and share python code without having to download any software or create any user accounts. In the 8 months or so since it was launched, Create.withcode.uk has been used over 25,000 times by people learning to code, so thank you to everyone who’s

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