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Scrolling text with python on a micro:bit

micro:bit Python Simulator

I’ve been following the hype around the BBC micro:bits since they were announced but it’s been notoriously difficult to get my hands on one. My Y7s have been waiting for their class set to arrive since they were promised in September and although I know there are plenty of schools out there who’ve received them, I’d pretty much given up hope this academic year.

Then, my lovely science technician told me she’d got some spare “computer gadget things” that came bundled in a in a kit that she wasn’t going to be needing and she wondered if some of my students would be interested.

Oh yes.

So, for the last week, I’ve set all sorts of different aged / ability students loose with the “computer gadget things” to see if they live up to the hype.

And they do.

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Draw with python

Writing code to draw shapes in python is a great way of getting started because you have to think about the sequence (order) of instructions that you write.

Getting started is nice and easy: you have to make a turtle object and then give it instructions to move.

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