Challenge 3: Cheesecake recipe

Suggested time: 20 minutes

A programmer is designing a program which can read a recipe for Easter Malteser Cheesecakes from a file. The original recipe makes 12 individual mini cheesecakes but the programmer wants to adjust the quantities to make any number of mini cheesecakes.

The user should be able to type in how many cheesecakes they want to make and the program should run as shown below:

Example program output (to make 20 cheesecakes)

Using the file below:

Fill in the gaps to complete the program.

Do not change any other functionality..

Do not add any additional functionality

If this was a real question it would tell you to save your code as but you might want to save your code so you can show your teacher or come back to it later by pressing Ctrl + S or clicking on the icon that looks like this:

Save / share icon in lets you save your code