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Adventures in 3D: How can I create a 3d game without spending a penny?

Loads of my students spend hours each night playing 3d computer games. I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t a teacher or a dad, I’d probably be doing the same thing. My brightest students often ask: “How can I make a game like Fifa / Call of Duty / GTA?” and I’ve always wanted to be

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BBC microbit Bluetooth Guitar FX pedal (part 1)

One of my GCSE Computer Science students is a keen musician and is interested in creating a guitar stomp box that you can control with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. This series of blog posts will keep track of the progress we make as we attempt to use the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capabilities of

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Python microbit basics: buttons and touch pins

This beginners tutorial talks you through how to write python programs for a micro:bit that can respond when you press a button or touch one of the input pins along the bottom of the device. The code below turns a micro:bit into a counter: press button A to count down, button B to count up and

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