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Code your own ticklish talking Dalek: microbit python speech

It’s been less than a year since I first launched create.withcode.uk to let students and teachers write, run and debug python code without needing to download any software or create any user accounts. Since that time, a new job and new baby have made me fall behind some of the amazing new features added to the

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RPi GPIO python simulator

Following on from the micro:bit python simulator on create.withcode.uk, many students and staff have requested a python simulator for the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. This quickstart guide talks you through how to start writing code for physical computing using the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi. It’s designed for teaching students how to do physical computing

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Free binary teaching tool: How does 2s complement work?

My GCSE Computer Science students need to understand how to convert positive numbers into 8 bit binary. Today, my Y10s had to teach this to the Y6s visiting for their new Y7 induction day. After the  Y6s had gone off for an early lunch, my Y10s had to discuss how they would extend what they knew about

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