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Doodle jump: microbit python game tutorial

This tutorial will talk you through how to write, test, debug and improve the python code for a doodle jump style game on a BBC micro:bit. This microbit python game tutorial is possibly a little too advanced for beginners so have a look at some of the other tutorials if you’re just getting started or jump

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microbit python tutorial: shake ‘n’ burn fire simulator

This microbit python tutorial talks you through how to write python code that simulates fire on your micro:bit. It burns down gradually until you shake it to stoke the fire back to life. It’s written for beginners so you don’t need any experience writing python code. It covers: Concepts: Loops: repeating code with while and

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Python microbit basics: buttons and touch pins

This beginners tutorial talks you through how to write python programs for a micro:bit that can respond when you press a button or touch one of the input pins along the bottom of the device. The code below turns a micro:bit into a counter: press button A to count down, button B to count up and

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