One month ago, went live as a spelling app for children designed and made by iMedia students at Fulford School.

This month (January 2017), app sales and adverts shown on the free version of the app have raised £20 for NSPCC – a charity researched and voted for by the same iMedia students as part of their project on copyright, graphic design and advertising.

This might not sound like loads of money, but the amount raised from each page view or advert click is tiny so it’s really exciting to see students work generating money for a cause that they believe is worth supporting.

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded our app or tried it out online. For more information about the app click here. raising money for NSPCC raising money for NSPCC

How does it work?

The app is designed for parents to give to their small children to entertain them for a few minutes with a fun educational game. They can buy an ad-free version of the app here or try the app for free here or online. The free version of the app contains adverts.

Each month, Google transfers the money that the adverts have raised (through views and clicks) and 100% of this money get donated to the charity that the students have chosen.

Here’s a graph to show how much money has been raised so far:

You can see which charities the students have chosen to support with the money raised from for each school term:

Charities chosen by students

Charities chosen by students to receive ad revenue from spelling app


Please note that neither this website or are endorsed or supported by any of the charities shown here.