What is boolean logic? KS3 discovery lesson resources using BBC micro:bit

It’s not necessary to have a micro:bit for each student. I’d recommend having at least 6 set up in a classroom with the following code already flashed onto each microbit.

To flash the micro:bit with the code, click on “Download HEX file”. Save this on to each microbit.

The microbit chooses a random logic gate (AND / OR / NOT) and shows a tick or blank screen to let students discover their own truth table for inputs A and B (microbit buttons)

When you shake the microbit a random number between 1 and 6 appears for 3 seconds. This represents the truth table on a worksheet:
1 or 4: AND
2 or 5: OR
3 or 6: NOT

Hint: you can simulate a “shake” gesture on the micro:bit simulator by clicking on the Accelerometer tab and then press “shake”

You can download the student worksheet here:

Logic Gates worksheet
Logic Gates worksheet








The natural extension to this activity is to get students to experiment with logic.ly/demo which lets you draw and simulate logic circuits with AND, OR and NOT gates.

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