Debug it

Store and use lots of data in the same variable
Lists in python : Store and use lots of data in the same variable

Below is some code that has been deliberately broken so that you can fix it. 

It’s supposed to store a list of someone’s favourite sports. It asks the user to guess which sport is top of the list and then says if they’ve guessed correctly.


  1. Debug the code so that it runs without any errors

    Syntax errors prevent the code from running because you’ve broken the rules of the programming language. 

    Hint: Look for missing brackets and other missing characters

  2. There should be a list called sports containing 4 values

    This is just to make sure you don’t fix all the errors by removing all the code! 

    Hint: Look at line 3

  3. Check if the user types in the first sport in the list

    You shouldn’t have to add anything new here: it’s just checking that if you guess correctly the program says well done, but if you choose a sport in the list but that’s not your favourite it detects that too.

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