I’ve just added C# alongside Python and VB.NET to type.withcode.uk which means you can learn new code snippets and improve your typing speed by racing through competitive challenges online.

Type.withcode.uk is a free code typing game designed for computing teachers and students to help you improve your typing speed.

Type.withcode.uk is free to use with no signup required – I designed it for my students to be used as a quick starter activity as a different way of learning and remembering code snippets whilst also encouraging them to become efficient touch typists.

For each programming language you can choose a random code snippet or one from any of the following categories:

  • Variables and constants
  • String manipulation
  • Built in functions
  • Input and output
  • Arrays
  • Conditional logic
  • Repetition / Iteration
  • Procedures and Functions

Each challenge provides some code with an explanation of what it does which you then have to type out as fast as you can. There’s an onscreen keyboard to encourage your to touch type without looking at your fingers:

Improve your python skills and typing speed
Improve your VB.NET python skills and typing speed
Improve your C# skills and typing speed

You can find see the average typing speed, highest scores and other stats at https://type.withcode.uk/

I hope it’s useful – enjoy!