Free QR code generator and scanner
Generate and scan QR codes in your browser on any device

Free QR code generator and scanner

Free QR code generator and scanner

Some of my students have been working through the hacky easter challenges where they have to solve some pretty challenging problems in order to unlock a QR code that gives them the password for that challenge. That’s fine if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet handy, but sometimes it’s useful to be able to scan a QR code when you’ve only got a laptop or desktop.

This tool lets you generate a QR image but also lets you copy and paste an image of a QR code and it’ll scan it for you in your browser.

Have a go here:

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Code your own chatbot that tries to pass the turing test
Code your own chatbot that tries to pass the turing test

Chatbot Challenge in python tutorial

Code your own chatbot using Python

Can you take the chatbot challenge and pass the Turing test?

A chatbot is some code that pretends to be human in order to interact with and assist people. You’ve probably seen one when you’ve been trying to order something online: one of those irritating automated assistants appears and asks you if you want any help.

This resource talks you through how to get started creating your own artificial intelligence that can attempt to have a conversation with you.

The Turing Test is the ultimate badge of honour for a chat bot: if it can fool a bunch of humans into thinking that they’re talking to a real person rather than a robot then it has passed the Turing test.

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