Resistor values app

Free resistor values app.

On a Friday lunchtimes at Fulford there’s a fabulous bunch of y8 girls who come along to learn, design, create electronics projects for a STEM competition.

Recently we’ve been learning how resistors work so we can choose the right ones for an air quality sensor project.

To help the girls learn, and to hopefully generate some money for resources for the club, I’ve made a Resistor Values app for android phones and tablets. There’s loads of resistor values apps out there already but this one adds a test yourself self marking quiz game to the usual features that teach you what the different colour bands mean and let you check what values are available closest to the resistance you need for your project.

Free resistor values app with quiz

Free resistor values app with quiz

The app is free to download and use but anyone who clicks on the adverts in the app will be raising a tiny amount to support girls STEM club. Anyone who completes the quiz will then be rewarded with an ad free version of the app.

If you’ve got an android phone or tablet you can download the resistor values app here. If not, you can try out the app in your mobile or desktop browser here.

Any feedback or suggestions gratefully received-try out the app and leave a review.