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Make your code more efficient
Optimisation: Make your code more efficient

Below is some code that has been deliberately written in an inefficient way. 

The code is supposed to draw 50 smiley faces in random positions using turtle graphics


  1. Only import the random module once

    Hint: modules should only ever be imported once, usually at the top of your code

  2. Take the definition of the face procedure out of the loop so it’s only defined once

    Hint: There is a loop that repeats 50 times to draw 50 faces. Currently, each time the loop repeats it will define the face procedure all over again. Move the procedure definition out of the loop. 

  3. Create a new procedure called fill_circle to reduce the number of lines

    Hint: An important skill in optimising code is spotting repeated sections of code. The sections of code that draw the face and two eyes look very similar. You can replace these sections with a call to fill_circle

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