The Theory:

Write a program that displays an output

Output: Write a program that displays an output

Almost every computer program needs to send data out into the real world. An output could be switching on or off a light, sending some work to a printer or sending some sound to a speaker. Most often though, output is displaying something on a screen.

Output means sending information out from the computer into the real world

Information is the stuff that gets sent out: it can be text, pictures, sound or whatever your program deals with.

We’re going to learn how to write python code that will display text on a screen.

Key point: To display text in python, you use the print function.

On the next page you’ll get some code examples that you can try out for yourself.

Page 1: Intro

Page 2: The theory: learn what you need to know as fast as possible.

Page 3: Try it: try out and adapt some working python code snippets.

Page 4: Debug it: Learn how to find and fix common mistakes.

Page 5: Extend it: Choose a project idea to use your newfound python skills.