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Free binary teaching tool: How does 2s complement work?

My GCSE Computer Science students need to understand how to convert positive numbers into 8 bit binary. Today, my Y10s had to teach this to the Y6s visiting for their new Y7 induction day. After the  Y6s had gone off for an early lunch, my Y10s had to discuss how they would extend what they knew about

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Doodle jump: microbit python game tutorial

This tutorial will talk you through how to write, test, debug and improve the python code for a doodle jump style game on a BBC micro:bit. This microbit python game tutorial is possibly a little too advanced for beginners so have a look at some of the other tutorials if you’re just getting started or jump

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microbit python tutorial: shake ‘n’ burn fire simulator

This microbit python tutorial talks you through how to write python code that simulates fire on your micro:bit. It burns down gradually until you shake it to stoke the fire back to life. It’s written for beginners so you don’t need any experience writing python code. It covers: Concepts: Loops: repeating code with while and

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